Sell/Trade 360 TE 360 HRAP Dreamcast


As the title says. I will consider trades for all ps3 sticks, and (some) ps3 games. In particular: MvC3, T6. Will hear other offers though.

360 TE - My baby. Daddy wants to play on ps3 though. $100 Shipped.
360 HRAP - The cord is BROKEN, the stick however has seen minimal use, stock buttons. $70 shipped. The cord is easily fixable I don’t have the time however.
Dreamcast - Comes with 2 controllers, VMU, and a bonus! This is the “good” one. pre-2001. $60 shipped.


Do you have a pic of 360 TE?


It’s the one on top in the link.


For the TE- do you have the packaging, how used is it, what condition is it in (scratches, etc)??


The O.G box is busted so no packaging, it’s been used everyday since I got it but no slamming or raging with my stick. There are some very very VERY light scratches on it, the biggest of which is about a couple inches and above the ‘strong’ button. It’s in the black portion of the stick near the top so you don’t really see it unless you put it in the right light. ‘roundhouse’ also has a small wierd circle, I have no idea where it came from its not a scratch though, ultimately you will NOT feel it.


just sent you a PM.


are the buttons in the hrap original sanwa? or do you mean stock by hori knockoffs?


will you ship to ireland man ?


Is the TE still available?