Sell/Trade: NonWorking PS3, Pokemom Games, HD Switch/Upscaler and more

Sony CECHA01 Playstation 3 (with 500 GB HDD) No longer reads disks. Sold as-is for parts or repair
$80 or Best offer, Includes shipping. Does Include RCA A/V cable and Power Cable, No controllers.

Pokemon Game Lot
Includes GBA games Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Fire Red and DS games Pearl, Diamond, Platinum and Soul Silver (no pokewalker)
Sold to Local buyer

View HD combination Video upscaler and Video Switch
Inputs Component , Composite, VGA HDMI, outputs HDMI. No AC/DC adapter (takes 5 volt Center Pos 3 Amp adapter)
$35 Shipped

Nikon N90S SLR 35mm Camera - Body only

ATI Remote Wonder - Remote Only
$10 Shipped.

Qanba Joystick from the PDP Injustice Joystick - No Bat Top or shaft cover and Dust washer.

All items are to the Continental US Only.

I am willing to reduce the total cost if multiple items are purchased as I am willing to combine shipping.

I am willing to trade for
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES (US NTSC version)
Super Street Fighter 2 (either US or Japanese) for the SNES/SFC
Any interesting Shmups for the SNES, PS1, PS2 or Dreamcast that I might not already have.

whats included with the ps3?

Is the ps3 still for sale or is this thread dead?

PM sent

Does the qanba stick come with the led piece? Also do you wanna sell the led buttons or just the led inserts?

PS3 comes with its Power Cord and A/V cable. No HDMI cord, controller or Games.

Qanba joystick lacks the Bat top and Dust Washer, another person wanted just the Top, shaft cover and Dust Cover.
I am including a cord for the LED power. The Qanba buttons are complete and keep stock. I rather sell whole buttons as I don’t know how well the LED boards install in Sanwa.
I tried it with another Qanba button in a Sanwa, it can work but I didn’t play test it.

pm sent


Got the package today.thanks