Sellin MVC2 TE Stick



I have a serious question…how much should I sell my MVC2 TE Stick (XBOX360) for? I bought it but realized I have no use for it…so I want to give it away to the community but not for too cheap…and is the best way through craigslist/ebay? What should I start the bid on?

I really need your help getting this stick off my hands, it was a big investment gone wrong. I have no idea how much these things go for these days.



Well you need to have 50+ posts and been here for 6 months to sell something here.

I’d try ebay, craigslist, bahh. You can reach more gamers on ebay than craigslist. TE sticks are pretty cheap now if you where to look, Amazon sells them cheap. I was able to sell a brand new one in box for $100 + shipping. Shipping’s about $10-15 in the US.


Thanks for the quick reply!

That’s a shame about the post count…I’m a legit seller :confused:

And could you link any of those amazon prices? I can’t seem to find any for such a bomb deal/price!

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Prices seem to have been hiked back to just below retail. Since yours is used, I’d try $80-90 if lucky, even though it’s barely used. Once the seal of any product is broken, usually the price takes a instant hit.

They’re just too common with the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales of buy one get one free. People were getting them for $75 a piece and selling them for $100 or $120 brand new.

Found one brand new on craigslist in my town for only $75 locally.


Ic, I neglected to mention that my stick is brand new as well. Looks like craigslist local is the way for me.


If it’s brand new then you can get good money for it on ebay I’m sure.

Just start the bid at $99 and have a buy it now of like $120 or something. Charge shipping by location of buyer, parcel post from USPS was $12 for me.


Yeah. If you got a little active around the forums, though, I’m sure you could get 50 posts. Just please don’t spam for them. Generally, the 6 months is the big killer, but you have a 2009 join date.

Xbox 360 TEs are worth much more than PS3 TEs, though, simply because more people want them. $100 is feasible for new, $90 is very likely to sell.