Selling 160GB PS3 with a bunch of games (EBAY)


Selling my 160GB PS3 Slim, trying to look for a good home for my baby. About a year old (I have the receipt and the box if you want me to prove it). Selling it because all my friends are lame and play Xbox, and I need to start practicing with them.

Here’s a list of the games:
[]SF4: AE 2012
]Skate 3
[]Blazblue Continuum Shift
]Killzone 3
[]L.A Noire
]Little Big Planet 2
[]Dark Souls
]UMVC3 (Almost all the costumes in the HDD as well)
[]SF:Third Strike (In the HDD)
]Fat Princess (In the HDD)
[]Infamous 2 (In the HDD)
]Scott Pilgrim (In the HDD)
[*]MVC2 (In the HDD)
Comes with 1 Dualshock 3 controller, the Nyko stand for my vertical standing homies, the power cable, an hdmi cable and hell, I’ll throw in a Ken Kid Robot collectible just for the sake of it. Obviously I’m not going to wipe it prior to selling it but I will be deleting all the accounts. The games in the HDD will remain though so you can enjoy those.

Selling the whole bundle for $400 w/ shipping (only United States please). I based my price on what Gamestop/Ebay would sell the bundle for, then gave it that SRK discount for you homeskiis. If I get a lot of PMs, it’s going to turn into o.b.o (but I doubt I will).


LA. Noire is unopened. Still has the cellophane.

League of Legends poster lol

There you have it.

I also need a PCB to dual mod my (PS3) stick. Whether it be a Paewang, Akishop or just a TE kitty, I don’t care. Just some means to dual mod it. Price will vary depending on what type of PCB it is.


For some reason it wont let me PM you


That’s odd. Let me mess with the settings.

Sorry about the absence of pictures. Trying to get it done but shit keeps coming up.

EDIT - You can pm me now. I had them off for some reason.


what’s the system software version on the PS3?


The latest.


Price drop!


FYI - deleting the account will deactivate the DLC - I’ve tried.
You can just change the PSN password, and tell the person that buys to never try to use that account, or when the system realizes that it can’t log in with it, it will deactivate the content.
You’re only allowed to have active content on 2 PS3s as well, so keep that in mind as well.
Good luck with the sale. That’s a hell of a deal.


Ah. I’ll just deactivate the credit cards on there and all that stuff then and they can use the account.



Now buying any dual mod PCB. And another price drop!


Price drop again.


EDIT: False buyer. Sorry about that.


still wont let me pm i was tryna see if you wanted to swap even stevens for a 250gb xbox and the same games pretty much


Na man, already have the xbox I want.

Idk why it wont let me PM either. ;\