Selling 2 pelican converters at evo


$50 each, I just got my dual mod done and won’t be needing them anymore. post up or pm me if interested


this is for a PS2 to PS3 converter right? if that is the case, i will buy one from you. SOLD!!!

(im in desperate need of a converter and ebay actually doesnt recognize my zip code cause they are gay)

ill pm you so we can exchange contacts.


50! damn. thank god i got my way back when. good shit though


I made those, you fucker. You owe me a kickback. :wink:


Eric I will take them need a EC rebate on the spot.


sold to gamertron and haaris_abbasi.

oht, bow down to you for schooling me with that ibuki way back on xbl:)

eric, ill trade one for an ipod!


Hah. 3S XBL was silliness…you know that. Hope to meet you there.

Also, since Ramza is done wit bidness, I’ll jack his thread and say that I have a spare Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter as well. Same deal - $50. Cash delivery at EVO. PM me with info.


I have a Pelican adapter for sale too ($50) . I’ll be the Judge for SF4 pool #22 - PM me for more info or to reserve it.


hey ramza, laugh has a better offer so im going to rescind my purchase. sorry.

capitalism wins. perfect.