Selling a custom DIY Aluminum case and a PSX pad


DIY Aluminum Case - This was made by a former SRK member who was a welder by trade and had ample amounts of aluminum and access to vacuum tubes. This thing is going to need some work to finish up. First and most obvious, it’s not painted. Additionally, it will need to have L shaped brackets mounted to the bottom either through welding or some kind of epoxy,so a bottom plate or plexi can be installed. Another note, the bolts that have been mounted for joystick installation seem to match the mounting plate of a JLW. I’m not sure what other mounting plates will fit it, but it’s just something to be aware of. – $50 shipped

PSX Controller – $8 shipped

I’ll take the JLW. Pm me your Paypal please

JLW sold, prices dropped!

Damn, I wish I had the dough for that aluminum case. What could be used as a bottom for it? It would have to be wireless, right? There doesn’t seem to be any button holes for a neutrik. It’s definitely a nice case and shape. It reminds me of something Big Pockets would make.
Would you be interested in any trades?

TE Buttons and Balltop sold. And Lefty, I could maybe do trades, or if you want, we could negotiate something as I am pretty flexible. I just promised the wife I would get rid of some of my excess parts after sweet talking her into letting me build a new custom. As for the holes, you could do wireless yeah, or maybe get a 24mm hole saw bit from Ace hardware and drill the hole, or maybe even a dremel bit could be used to make a notch into the Aluminum for a wire. There’s probably other ways you could do it, but that’s what comes to mind off the top of my head. Anyway, PM me if you want to try and work something out for the case.

payment sent for the sixaxis adapter.
thanks again chris

AxisDapter is sold, price dropped on the Aluminum case as well. Just a reminder, prices are negotiable if you want to try haggling via PM.

I have one more Aluminum case to put up just as soon as I get some time to take pictures of it.