Selling a Dreamcast


SOLD to Deus/Bill


10 bucks and a hug <3


how much you looking for, hit me up dogg.


If you haven’t sold it yet, I’m interested.


i’m interested


lookin for around 40-50 bucks, whoever gets at me first with the most gets it…i can find someone to get you a free copy of mvc2 as well

if you want the original mvc2 cd i have that as well in good condition, will throw in for 30 bucks


^^^ PMed all of you guys, none of you guys are responding ^^^


how much man, i been searching 4 a dreamcast. and were do you live, if i cant reach you, or if you live somewhere out of my state, then the deals off.


i don’t want the dreamcast but i need a copy of mvc2 for the dreamcast.
can someone hook a brova up.:rolleyes:


Sent a PM


pm’ed back


I’m interested (If it’s still for sale)
does it come w/ gameshark or a memory card?
I don’t wanna have to unlock every1 in Marvel.


still available, and it’ll come with a vmu with all characters unlocked already



SOLD to Deus/Bill