Selling a ps2 MASS stick (pricing suggestions)

So, basically, I got a MASS stick years and years ago for Christmas. I found out I like JP sticks much better, so I’ve been using one of those for a long time. Now there a bunch of people that want to buy my MASS stick off of me, but I don’t know what to sell it for.

Does anyone know how much one of these usually goes for and how much I should sell it for? It works fine and everything.


Looks just like this.

prolly for 100-125 the most…

This should be in the trading outlet. And put up a picture of yours, not the stock photo so I can see exactly the condition and everything on it as it is. I’m looking for a Mas stick so I want to see how yours looks.

He mentioned he already has some buyers and that he only needs suggestions about pricing.

In my opinion, it should vary from 90-120, all depends on how used does it look.

what joystick does it use?

It uses the normal stock black bat top stick. I don’t know what kind it is. And as VR-Fist said, I’m just wondering what to sell it for. I already have some friends that want to buy it. I was just looking for some price suggestions, and now I have some. It’s pretty much in perfect shape (might be a little dusty, but nothing a rag can’t fix.) It’s certainly not overused.

Anyway, Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t know how to delete this thread, so if anyone else can take care of that for me, feel free.