Selling a Street Fighter IV bag


How does $15 with shipping and paypal fees included sound?

I put a 30cm (11.8 inch) ruler on the side for measurements.




This is x100000 cooler than those Lulu Lemon bags.

edit: ah, I guess only Canadians will know what I’m talking about


niggas is sellin purses on srk now…


Let’s try $20 shipped then!


Do you really feel a carrier bag, a plastic carrier bag, is worth 20 bucks?


Thank you, I couldn’t believe some one wanted $20 for a plastic bag, I know it may be a ‘collectors’ item someday but still.


But the straps are cloth!
I think.


You can see it this way too… $15 for the bag and $5 for shipping. And it’s gotta be a collector’s item! :lovin:


$15 last price drop. If I go lower I’ll probably just end up loosing money in the end.


aw shit, i kinda want it, i could hang it in my room…


If noone wants it for $12 with shipping and fees included I’m throwing it away in 2 weeks.


pm’d. I’ll figure something out to do with it.