Selling Brand New Unused Custom Decepticon Foehammer Case :/

Hey guys… I had this case made in the Fall of last year… it’s a spectacular custom Chameleon Paint Decepticon case but unfortunately I have been too busy and money is too short to complete it. Infact, I haven’t even had time/motivation to play ANY sort of video games lately and the bills are piling up.

This thing has been sitting inside of the box it was shipped in, and has only been taken out for about 5 minutes to look at. It’s 100% mint, unused, good as new, etc. I never installed any components in it, never opened it up, etc etc. I really wish I had the time/money I did last Fall so I could complete this thing… but I don’t see it happening anytime soon… :confused:
Looking to get $150 shipped.**

Here’s some of the details of the case as described by FH:

  • 8 Button Vewlix layout
  • JLF joystick mount
  • Paint - Metallic Purple, Metallic Chameleon Purple, Matte Black, Gloss Black
  • 24mm H/S/S on back side
  • Neutrik USB pass-through port on backside
  • 40mm Aluminum Silver Feet in front
  • 40mm Matte Black Aluminum Feet in back
  • Underside plexi panel with Metallic Purple FH border

Also has badass Decepticon laser etchings that I designed from Line Art. On the left side of the emblem you have some Seekers (Starscream) and on the right side you have Soundwave with Rumble and Frenzy in the corner (Hard to see them cuz of the glare, but they are there)

Sheppard if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!! :frowning:

It’s pretty.

Yeah… the pictures don’t really do it justice. For instance, that purple on the bottom is waaay prettier than the pictures show.

Also, make sure you guys look close at the first pic, it’s easy to overlook the “Decepticon-Esque” lines and chameleon paint

It must cost a fortune!

Heh… you might be surprised…

I think I missed something. Is there a price for this?

I’ll sell it for $175 shipped… will entertain offers

Please add the price to the OP so people don’t have to search for it. thanks.

Sorry about that. Added it! :slight_smile:

Bump… Lowering to $150 shipped, firm.

up, gonna let this sit on the BST for 1 more week

hay is this still for sale ?

Was considering getting a 360+ and some buttons/stick, but it is indeed still for sale. $150 firm

can you hold it for me ?

I could probably do that

Well, haven’t heard from that guy… I’ll let it be for sale for a couple more days