Selling Custom Hrap 3 Ls 32 Painted Buttons DUAL PCB 270

Hey I am selling my custom Fingercramp stick(actually my first ever stick), its a great stick. The only problem is a few scuff marks in the paint. The metal template was bondo and sanded then painted to keep it level. This is a custom hrap 3. THIS DOES BOTH SYSTEMS PS3 and 360. AND ALSO PC. All the parts are custom seimetsu painted to match the exterior. The buttons I believe are ps-14gn but I painted them. It also has a Ls32 joystick(removed old mounting plate so its at perfect height, mounted with industrial double stick tape so no screw, believe me its strong) with a matching purple bubble top. I even changed the led for the turbo switch purple. I am accepting offers. Im in New york so any of east coast players send me a pm for a better deal. Willing to bargain.



PM sent, very interested, especially for the color, I’ll slap a slowpoke all over that thing.


Rules state u have to post a price.

Oh please sell it to Kooper. I want to see a slowpoke on a stick…

I am interested. Please PM me the price and your email.

I believe the price is in the title “300”


Might I suggest showing some better pictures if it is indeed 300 dollars? That is more than most custom stick builders, and i would like to see the extra effort in your paint, buttons etc.


sure… pm me my pictures are usually really large if you want them lmk

i want to see pics of the tape holding the stick in

Did you use vhb tape?

Ill take em over the weekend, its strong. Another thing if you dont want to buy it just pm me with these questions thanks.

Alucard I have no idea lol all I know is that sears uses this stuff alot. But I can find out.

epic bump price drop 270 shipped