Selling custom joysticks @ Evo

Hi guys,
I am interested in coming to this years Evo tournament and I was wondering if I can put a storefront to sell custom joysticks. Just a question in thought.

what kind of sticks are you planning on selling?

im looking for a joystick for the ps3 thats not a square gate

HellfromAbove was selling his sticks @ EVO last year and nobody said anything so I don’t see why it’d be problem.

If anything just ask Mr.Wiz

-EX :cool:

lol really? i didnt see anything like that

Yeah, I was. Well… what had happened was I was hired by Aksys Games/ Arc Systems to make some PS3 arcade sticks for Blazblue. Everyone was playing on those and I was promoting my wares at the same time around the testing of BB. The sticks were then sold off in the end.

-Tha Hindu

Oh wow thats pretty kool!:tup:

Naw I was just throwing it out there and remember seeing your ads when I was walking around, and when they cleared up the BB area.

-EX :cool:

Just a heads up, I will be having a lot more BB sticks for sale than last year. The number will be around 10 - 20 and they will all be custom and differentiate from each other. I’ve shown the concept box to people and have gotten nothing but great reviews along with people wanting to buy it right then and there :lol:.

-Tha Hindu

you are welcome to sell anything from a hotel room or offsite, but no transactions on the ballroom floor please.


That’s some cool info to know
Folks with their hotel room store fronts hawking their wares. Seriously, I’m interested.

i didn’t know this! Anyone here into Jim Lee’s Bat Man or Black Summer?