Selling Custom Stainless Steel Finkle Stick and HRAP3

Stainless Finkle Stick = SOLD

Better HQ pics: (no buttons and bubble ball top shown)


Damn I wish I had some money for that Finkle. Gorgeous. Good luck with the sales man. Someone, grab em quick!

Could you post a picture of the bottom of your finkle case?

pm sent about hrap3

updated pics (my camera phone sucks :sweat:)

i’ll send you my paypal once i get another post >.>

does the finkle stick ft a sanwa jlf?

That stainless steel case looks fantastic. Not such a big fan of Haruhi art, but if it wasn’t that I’m already way overbudget on SFIV-related spending, I’d definitely seriously consider it.

that’s actually a good question… I’m really not sure, but i think it would… might have to change the PCB though. or you can make it easier on yourself by getting a JLW instead…

It wont fit the JLF without modification, IE Drill holes, but its going to be close, so you may need to super tighten it to compensate.

No need to change PCB Osakeness, comon your windows XP. The Input is being changed, but the interpreter can remain the same, both sticks output the same signals. 8P Os-Tan FTW

ps. Say No to JLW’s for fighting games 8P

pss. LS-32 Great Stick man, seriously. No need to change.

i don’t mind printing out a custom one to your likening… (no extra charge too)

Ah, thanks.:wgrin:

Wow, I’m liking that Finkle stick (including the Haruhi art). Someone needs to pick that up.

If we wanted to switch the art out ourselves, how would we do it? I’m noticing those two wooden boards are blocking the metal piece which is sandwiching the art and the plexi is on the otherside with no screws.

It’s definitely a beautiful stick and I hope whoever buys it will put it to good use.

pm sent

i asked finkle about this before, as i wanted to change my previous stick art. Pretty much all of you have to do is, take out the stick and buttons and move the art little by little to a side until it’s out. The sides seem to have a very small opening for it.

If it’s okay, could you explain this more in detail please? So I can see the buttons being easy to remove but the screws in the stick base is housed in the art though. Also, so once they’re removed, how would you be able to pull the art from the side? And how would you be able to put one in if the openings are small?

Thanks for reading the questions. I’m curious how Finkle and his customers do it.

PM sent regarding the Finkle.

I’m not even that big of a Haruhi fan, but OMG that stick is hella sick.

The stick bolts are actually mounted inside the black metal part (doesn’t interfere with the artwork)

Here’s the email finkle sent me two years ago:

glad you like it,

i no longer use glossy paper on sticks especially in the summer months since moisture appears under the plastic which is near impossible to get rid of in high humidity situations. Instead, I use a matte paper and for some reason no matter how many times i printed that out there was so much blue that it really played tricks with my printer as do most solid colour background pics.

the case is designed differently, its not “glued” but instead the sides are fastened properly to the rest of the shell. why do I do this now? back in the day this style stick was prone to the sides slightly coming out especially during shipping or carrying it (alot of people carrying them by the side). so to combat this I secure them from the top and bottom. but changing the artwork for example is VERY easy:

remove the buttons and joystick balltop

with both hands slide the plastic upwards

you will see that the plastic will go to its maximum and stop. place fingers in the button holes and remove the plastic (you’ll see that the bottom part of the plastic is out of the lip, be sure to look for this before pulling it up).

gently remove the plastic and artwork.

its done that way because sliding the plastic from one side or another can cause the plastic to get scratched quite badly and due to not always aligning the plastic in the proper spot each time. this way the plastic stays in good shape for a long time and doesnt get horizontal lines or gouges from changing the artwork :slight_smile:

hope this helps

take care

Looks awesome. Wish I could afford!

Everything is now sold. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the help Osakaness