Selling Dreamcasts after Evo MvC2

evo is done with dreamcasts after this years marvel tournament. if you would like ot buy one, they are $20, pick anyone that is left.

otherwise im burning them in a fire.

ask me at evo to grab one.

The death of Dreamcast is here.

Will the burning be streamed? :] Burn a dreamcast for 20.

Oh good shit :rofl:

You know that hot, fun girl you started dating a few years ago? You know, the one you’re still dating, the one you’ve been dating for way too long. The one who keeps doing stupid shit that pisses you off all the time, and every single time you’re like “Why am I still dating this girl?!!” That’s the Dreamcast.

I’ll buy one so I can burn it myself

lol ill take 5

seriously might pick up a couple…

Done with Dreamcasts running Marvel, or done with running Marvel in general at Evo?

That’s a good question. There can only be 6 main events at Evo until said otherwise. 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear are done next year. Though Blazblue will easily replace Guilty Gear. So that leaves at least one spot. Soul Calibur will probably get the boot by next year so that might leave 2 spots. Could get filled in by KOFXII but we’ll see.

Now that I’m really thinking about it…I think Marvel is pretty much going to be the new HD Remix for next year. I just don’t see that game staying for another year and people love dat Marvel. It’s easily the best game for spectating purposes and pure hype. Other games have more of a player base but there’s an undeniable charm to watching 2 people head off in Marvel. If anything ST will make it back in before HD Remix gets another year. I think Marvel is soon to be the next older school game to have a renaissance. There’s a lot of hardcore casual fans that are looking to finally play the game online and there are some people within that group of people that I’m sure are ready to finally prove that you don’t have to have been a known name in Marvel to be good in it.

Basically…expect Marvel to be back but played on the PS3 or 360.

What time do I need to be there to pick some up :tup:

3s cannot die before marvel–
isnt marvel all niched out now? it seems to me like 3s still has more mass appeal when it comes to tourneys, but what do i know

anyway, if you guys really want to buy them for burning, save one more me, i actually want to buy one for use

Marvel is much more entertaining to watch than zzzStrike :stuck_out_tongue:

ST Remix is the 2nd most popular tournament at EVO this year by a very large margin, so don’t count it out yet! Your point about doing MvC2 on PS3/360 or not at all is correct, though.

If that’s the case then why is it being put on the backburner until Saturday? I thought the games with the biggest number of tourney heads were running on Friday and then the leftovers were Saturday (not that the leftovers aren’t good games).

You have a lot to learn kiddo (SF1 joke). The last big tourney I went to for 3S…it was a 30 man tournament. Even then you could tell people that normally played the game well just weren’t taking it seriously or didn’t play in the tourney at all. Gootecks wasn’t in it, Eric Kim wasn’ in it…3S has died down quite a bit. People just ain’t making the game their top priority like they used to. Considering this was a major where Gootecks and 2 or 3 other west coast players flew over to the east coast to play in.

As someone who used to take the game seriously myself…I just can’t bring myself to play it as intensively as I used to. Especially since the new generation systems don’t have a good port of the game and it’s harder to find people in my area to play the game offline with. SFIV killed everyone’s priority with that game since 3S players were generally more open minded SF players in the first place and they’ve all opened their minds to IV.

Just looking at the schedule can be deceiving. Both STHD and Marvel will run for 6 hours on Saturday but Marvel will only be using around 12 stations while STHD will be using 24.

The least popular games are on Friday in parallel with SF4.

plain and simple 3s will NEVER die

ppl will always join it especially if you got a 2v2 like they did this year

next year they should have a 3v3 for more character variety, but hey if anything the games that dont make the lineup next year will probably be ran as a side tournament like other games

I’ll hit you up Wiz for a DC…

I’m personally betting on 3S being gone from Evo by next year or the year after. Without a next gen console to support the game popularity will die down eventually. Especially considering 3S is now confirmed as one of the less popular tourney games at Evo…it’s just obvious people aren’t playing it like they used to tournament wise. It will probably still be played here and there at some major tournaments but I’ll consider it almost lucky if it’s still there next year. It’s obvious that new games on new systems are killing the tourney hype for 3S. 3S is pretty much the new CVS2 at Evo. On its way out.

Marvel basically got the tools to resurge itself by getting reformatted for next gen games in HD. Unless 3S gets that as well (which could happen) I don’t see Evo continuing to support the game past another year if that. HD is the new thing at Evo and the only thing that isn’t HD that might be at Evo is Smash and that’s just out of variety’s sake on top of the game being rather popular in of itself IMO.


thats retarded hdr had the second most entries this evo and like 100 more than marvel. you could say the exact same thing your saying about 3s as marvel, i’m positive no one takes that game serious anymore either. the only reason marvel (and ST as well) aren’t getting the boot @ evo is cause we can play them now on current gen systems and not the piece of garbage that is the dreamcast.

If anything HD Remix will be held again before a direct port of Marvel with no gameplay tweaks or changes gets another year.

Well now that I know that HDR wasn’t as much of a dud as I thought it was (like the exact opposite)…then yeah. I don’t really follow that game competitively anymore so I guess that’s my bad for not seeing the people who support the game. I went from a high of really liking it to a low when a lot of the higher ups started talking bad about it and how SFIV in general is just a more fun game for me. I guess high level players talking bad about the game doesn’t equal the game not being popular. HD Remix is a new game on a next gen console which adds momentum and a lot of the people playing the game aren’t 35 year old 7leven SF players.

Same can be said about 3S but with 3S the tourney numbers aren’t there anymore either. Like we both agree on…no new system to play 3S = GGPO. Plus if any of the new fighting games coming out gets momentum…3S is extra done.