Selling Dual Mod Setup CHIMP 1.1 JLF Harness Switchless Plug and Play

So I parted out an agetec I recieved recently(Thanks lefty) The Age tec had a dual mod setup Its a chimp 1.1 with terminals and Madcatz 4716 pcb also Im including a ground harness for 6 buttons and signal terminals for 8 if need more you can add em your self. I will also include a wire harness. YES this has a usb port on it.


The agetec has hori buttons with sanwa switches. The case was modded to fit a jlf. It also includes a JLF also there two buttons on top. looking for 40 shipped for everything or if you want the jlf or anything seperate msg me.


Price drop!~!!!

Any chance of pictures of the items ?

Yup getting my camera tomorrow sorry. i’m tired of these shitty pics Ive been taking recently.


Temp pics are up Thanks!

PM sent regarding agetec


agetec sold. Is no one really interested in a switchless dualmod setup? Remember guys I even entertain the lowest of low balls. =)


i only have 2 buttons on the back of my case. home and start are wired but i need select and start + select for home. will this work on the 360 side too or will i be without that functionality?

Yup will work on both! Enjoy and good luck!