Selling Dual Modded Custom Voltech VAS-HG White Ps3/360/PC Detachable Cable


I got this from Jesse(Voltech) over at evo it was amazing stick he even included a nice metal briefcase with strap for carrying it.

The stick was modded with a Paewang, very neatly might I add.

You guys know the deal solid metal frame, powder coated, plexi glass and is sturdy as hell.

I honestly haven’t been able to use it so you folks can enjoy it.

I am looking for 260 shipped for the stick and another 50 if you want the case.

WTS: Dual Modded Custom Voltech VAS-HG White Ps3/360/PC

Wow! that’s a great price. Someone please buy this before I pull out my wallet.


Pm sent…really want this!


Beautiful stick, good luck with your sale.


holy crap that’s a good deal! I know have 4 from Voltech :wink:


That stick is beast! I wish I had the dough…
I R sadface


if this is still avaliable, i’ll take it…with the case…paypal ready…PM me with details :slight_smile:


its on hold =(


no worries…let me know =]


2nd pmt will be sent tomorrow mornin first thing.


2nd pmt sent…can’t wait til this in my hands…lol




Dang I shouldve picked it up.