Selling DVDs of the 1995 Street Fighter Cartoon Series

I need a little extra cash this holiday season. I have both volumes of the 1995 Street Fighter cartoon series on DVD, the official ones. Lots of people have asked me about them, and I sold some to a fellow SRKer.

Now, I won’t sugar coat it, but the series is pretty awful…awfully cheesy and hilarious. When I get a group together to play fighters, we always watch a few episodes, laughing the sheer ridiculousness of Guile disarming bombs by using a Sonic Boom, or Ryu and Ken infiltrating the Mad Gear gang.

Those are some examples of the quality entertainment.

I would price these at 25$ for either volume, but wanting to get both together will be less expensive at 45$.

I accept paypal, obviously. Anyone interested, either PM me, or respond here.


45$ for burnt copies? :confused: I must be missing something here…

I made them for

and he paid 60 dollars for them, that was the price he wanted them at. I didn’t set a price, and seemed happy when he got them. So yeah.

If you’re selling bootleg shit you’re gonna get banned.

whistles for ephidel

Yup. Basic warning,