Selling empty Mad Catz FightStick TE Case. *SOLD*


I have for sale right now a Tournament Edition Case for Xbox 360.
No Buttons or Joystick or electronics are included.

The only electronics you will receive be the Turbo and Terminal Strip.

This is a regular TE, still with its original Bezel and original Art and Metal Panel.
Different is that I swap the original White Sides for the slim TE S Sides.

My sale is perfect for those who want to swap their Mad Catz FightStick parts into Tournament Edition Case.

Why is it perfect?
Because I include the Turbo Panel of the TE.
The FightStick Turbo does not fully seat into the FightStick TE unless modify.

Why is it perfect?
Because I include the Terminal Strip.
The FightStick Terminal Strip does not have Quick Disconnect for Start and Back.
So my TE Terminal Strip will let you use 24mm Buttons for Start and Back without having to crimp your own Quick Disconnect.

Comes with all six Hex Screws.
None are stripped.

Here is the bottom of TE.

Price for this is $57 including shipping for United States.
Will ship to anywhere around the world, though extra for shipping may be added for International, depends on cost. SOLD to roxtc.

PayPal is how I do.

No holds.
First pay gets.

PM sent…

Sold in just an hour and some minutes.

argh… i needed it. too…

Sorry Fellow! Just absolutely could not refuse!

I wish I’d seen this.

i missed it by just a lil bit… i need a case… my case is messed up…