Selling footage of daigo PM me!

I got 3 hours of footage it includes:

  • Daigo getting off of the plane, walking to and waiting at the luggage carousel getting his luggage
  • Me driving next to them on the way over to the hotel filming from my car to his car
  • Him getting out and grabbing a bite to eat

And much much more including him minutes before his matches, if you’re interested let me know!!!


Hey, cool, now I know who one of the people probably salking Daigo was!

Sigley, your threads are fucking priceless. :lol:

What is the price of this video? And Can you make it on a dvd for me thx.:smiley:

You are a fag for following him around taping him walking into a bathroom to take a shit.

Needless to say, you are a dumbfuck if you are willing to buy this bullshit.

I sincerely hope it was a joke about the Daigo fanboys. Funny if fake, disturbing if true :lol:

It’s pretty sad that you couldn’t see that this thread was meant to be a joke.

Ultra rare footage of daigo trying to open a soda can at A3 nationals, rumor has it that’s where he got pissed (well we think, since you can’t ever tell by looking at him) and vowed to come back and take all our money. We’ll be running a 10% discount during evo so order your copy today.

Damn dude, why do you even have most of that footage? rsigley has become SRK’s official paparazzi!

It’s probably a still photo of daigo edited into random scenes in the middle of jersey.

I guess I was too tired when I wrote that shit, and it didn’t come out right. I think his sarcasm was obvious.