Selling HORI Fighting Stick EX2/3 and More


I was just digging in my closet and found a few stuff I’m willing to part with that I barley use.

Also Selling my HORI Fighting Stick 3 $30 Barley Used Lowered

Playstation 3 HDD 60 GB $20 (Lowered)

I’m Selling both my D.O.A 4 HORI Fighting Stick EX2 EACH $35** (BOTH SOLD)**

Tekken 5 Hori Arcade Pro $40 “Box is Included with Stick Just didn’t have time to take a pic of it.”(Lowered) (SOLD)

6 Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Buttons White and Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top White, Also with 2 Sanwa OBSM Series 30mm Hole Plug All for $25 (SOLD)
The Buttons are only a week old, I ordered theme form lizardlick but ordered Sanwa instead because I liked them better.
Also Added**
HORI Fighting Stick EX2 Barley Used $40 (SOLD)

HORI Fighting Stick Wii Barley Used $35 (SOLD)

Dreamcast ASCII PAD FT Special SNK Ver $40 Mint Condition (SOLD)

All These Items Included Shipping, I take Paypal Only.


Pm sent for DOA stick.


pmed you back.


shot you a pm for doa stick.


Lowered Prices and Added a few other goodies :wgrin:


Hold tekken 5 stick, I may now some who will buy it.


PM Sent for EX and Wii


If V4MPIRO doesn’t pick up the T5 stick, I’ll paypal you the $$$ ASAP.

Let me know,



bump Lowered Price on Hori Fighting stick 3 Need to get rid of it. sum one…:confused:


Bump Lowered Ps3 HDD and Hori Stick :china:


is the hori fighting stick 3 still available for $30? if so, please let me know. thanks!


Also interested in the FS3.


this post is from 2 months ago, wonder if OP still has it… lol


pm sent


pm sent!


hi, still have any spots left for custom stick?. if not. may i deposit now for the next time you turn around?