Selling HoriEx2/BrawlStick Bundle


I’m selling both of these fight sticks together for 60 shipped. Here’s the story…100% honest
The Mad Catz WWE brawl stick has about one month of use on it and is in good condition. One of the screws on it
is missing cause i opened it up to take a look inside then lost one of the screws. haha’
the buttons work perfectly but the joystick has a problem. The upper diagonals need to be pushed a little harder to register, meaning you cant front flip or back flip with out putting a little effort, if that makes sense. But this is a Mad Catz stick so it’s basically easy mode for you to mod it with Sanwa parts. Lol
The Hori Ex2 has one year of use on it, and is in okay condition. The backing does have a little paint scratched off from use, but not a big deal at all. Everything on this stick works perfectly expect one thing… The A button( short/Light kick works perfectly in some matches and sometimes it only works 90% of the time in a match.
Im selling both of these sticks together ONLY cause i just want to ship them in one box, to one person, and get the money already to be honest. Any questions just send me a PM, thanks.