Selling injustice fight stick parts on 360


i am selling gutted parts from a injuctice fight stick. the pcb board,joystick and housing,buttons with the lights inside,wire hardness. i am selling it for $20 if anybody need it for their project stick.

here a few photo’s of the parts i am selling.

i am selling it as is!!! also i am taking money order or check(check i have to wait until it get clear and then i can send it to you)

also i will and might trade offer for all of this for a toddle cthulhu pcb board, that a possible!


interested in all those, pm’d




back on market, the buyer back out so if anybody want it. pm me for it.




if anybody still want it. it still for sell and please read the sell state because the only payment i am taking is money order and check. “NO PAYPAL OR ONLINE WIRE TRANSFER”