Selling Madcatz SE arcade stick - Toronto Canada

so im selling my fight stick as i dont use it anymore. Its only 2 months old so its very new and ive barely used it. I reside in Whitby Ontario so if anyone around the area or in Tdot wants to buy it send me a PM. Currently im asking for $90

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Used SE for $90?! HAHAHAHAHA

You could get $90 for it if it’s been modded with sanwa parts.

retail it’s $60-70.


Maybe he means 90 Canadian, which is still a little overpriced. I think the only brick and mortar stores that carry them in Canada is EB Games which sells them for 100 Canadian.

he’s not even suppose to be selling anyways cuz of join date.

bruv its 90 canadian… i said toronto canada in the title. over here new is $110.

R u stupid u cant sell here yet not until ur 6 months probation is up. U signed up at june so u can start selling at december. If u keep this up u will be banned very soon. Please read trading outlet rules first. If u want to sell ur SE go To redflagdeals forum.

Yo Taliman, didn’t I tell you how to close your thread? Don’t tell me you started a new one -___-"