SELLING MISC. ITEMS! Signed Yoshinori Ono Movelist, Gamebridge capture card, Boxing speedbag + more!

Metallic Red Shaft cover - $3 Shipped

Yoshinori Ono - Signed movelist from E3 2011 - Signature seen top left
$10 US Shipped!

Retro Blue Jays size 7, Fitted cap- $5 dollars
US shipped

Fully working Adaptec Gamebridge with Installation CD
$20 Shipped
Video Quality Sample:

Everlast Boxing Speedbag - with swivel hinge
$20 Shipped

Everlast Boxing Helmet
$20 Shipped

Blue Blackberry 9780/9700 Soft case
$3 Shipped

SportCraft Table Tennis paddle - 4 star series
$6 shipped

4 Wiimote jackets - Official nintendo
$5 Shipped

Comic book bags and boards - 89 Bags - 100 Boards

3 Golfball Ball tops 38mm - All 3 for $12 shipped

A/V Splitter - $3 shipped

Gamecube memory card - 251 blocks - $3 Shipped

Black eyed peas elephunk cd - $5

Of course, I recommend buying multiple things to save on a bit on shipping.

I’ll take the gamebridge and gamecard please sir. PM’ed you.

Sent you a PM

Movelist and gamebridge sold!

Hey I can’t pm from my phone but can I get that red shaft cover? Pm me please!

Red shaft cover sold!