Selling my Marvel vs Capcom Arcade Stick with a Brooks 360 to PS4 converter


Hey everyone Ive got this stick when MvC3 came out but by now I have become accustomed to using a controller. I tried to get back on a stick it just wasnt the same. I used it like twice and then stashed it figuring id keep it when I eventually got in to Street Fighter V. But I never did. and now that UMvC3 got ported to the PS4 I quickly bought a converter so that I can try the stick now but I realized that Im a lot better with the controller now and re-learning arcade mode is too much of a pain with the limited time I have. So Im offering it up on ebay for $185 plus shipping or $200 Paypal direct. Sorry to drop this here out of no where but the fighting game community is basically here and Id like to sling this for the holidays. :wink: Brook converter works perfectly. I dont own an Xbox One but if you can connect 360 controllers to it then you can use this as well. With the converter it works no prob with a PS4. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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This should be in the Trading Outlet, not to mention you need 50 posts to sell.



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Whats up Cobra Verde or Green Cobra I have the Brooks Converter as you do with a super streetfighter 4 arcade stick originally made for the 360 but I’m having trouble getting the converter to operate. Could you be a pal and send me a link to a video that you used to do it or walk me through it yourself. Please and thankyou.