Selling my setup: XBOX 360 (Halo Edition) + HD DVD + SFIV + 2 Custom built Joysticks

NEW PRICE: $450 takes it all (except BD player)

I located in Danbury, CT and I am selling my XBOX 360 (Halo 3 Edition) along with the XBOX HD DVD Player, 1 Wireless Controller (Real men use Pink controllers), my two CUSTOM BUILT Arcade Joysticks (by Stan Escolano in CA) one has a custom Akuma graphic designed by an award winning graphic designer, the other is plain black – both work perfectly. You will not find another set of sticks like this, they are custom made boxes with one-of-a-kind artwork. They have great weight to them and are made very well. I am also selling the 360 games that I have. The games included are Madden 08, and Madden 09 (sorry, i sold all of my other games in this post lol). I also have a bunch of HD DVD’s that I can include for an additional cost. All of this stuff is in great, if not perfect shape, minus the headset (the battery doesnt last very long, otherwise great). All of this has been used by ADULTS only and has been taken care of meticulously (I clean my joysticks after every match). I am not selling this stuff because I’m desperate for money, so please don’t low-ball me.

So, here are the specs for everything included here.

Halo 3 Special Edition Console, comes with:

  • Wireless Controller (Pink, FTW)
  • 20GB Hard Drive
  • Wireless Headset
  • Component HD AV Cable
  • HDMI Port
  • Play & Charge Kit (for uber mantastic pink controller)
  • USB Cable
  • External HD DVD Player
  • Power cords for 360 & HD DVD Player

Joystick Specs:

  • HAPP Perfect 360 Optical Joystick (circle gate)
  • HAPP Pushbuttons
  • MadCatz internals (these boards work WAY better than the M$FT internals on the 360)
  • Akuma Collage Graphic designed by world renown graphic designer, Craig Keller (
  • Black Joystick has white buttons
  • Akuma Joystick has top row of red buttons, and purple for the bottom row (matches akuma color scheme).
  • NOTE: Akuma stick is missing one rubber foot (available at Home Depot for about 10 cents).

I am willing to sell parts of this package individually. Here’s what I want for each individually:
XBOX 360 Halo 3 Edition - $200
HD DVD Player - $100
Pink Controller w/o charger (2x AA Battery pack)- $25 w/charger - $30
Wireless Headset - $30
Akuma Joystick - $120
Black Joystick - $100
Madden 09 - $5

I’ll also sell my HD DVD’s for $5 each.

I have a Blu-Ray player for sale too: Sharp Aquos BD-HP20U - $120 (sold separately)

Craig Keller

Hey, maybe you can put this in the Trading Outlet section under WTS (want to sell). Your join date’s 2007, so you shouldn’t have any trouble posting this info there.

cool, didnt see that forum.

C’mon my local people. I hate UPS, FEDEX, and the USPS. I hate shipping, I will do it… but I hate them all, evil corporations. Lets get some local peeps on this! I wanna see my sticks at local tourneys! lol

I love these sticks, they’re dope as hell… everyone always compliments me on them.

damn sounds interesting, I hope no one buys by the end of the week

bump for price reduction.

Hey man, this sounds great, might want to get one or both sticks off of you this weekend, (maybe the Pink Controller too, for kicks). I’m in Rhode Island, and have been dying for a circle gate