Selling My Street Fighter & Darkstalkers Comic Collection...


Hey guys if you are interested in these make me an offer. I’m not collecting so much anymore and have to move one to other things. So I’m getting rid of this area of my collections. :wgrin:

I still keep up with the comic though since my buddy still buys them regularly.

Just send me a PM or e-mail with any offers. I’d thought I’d give you guys first dibs before I put it up on the BAY.

Here are the pics of the collection I’m selling. Thanks in advance guys.

Street Fighter



pretty sweet
but you must post a price


Hmmm…well some are pretty rare and out of print. It’s already a couple hundred bucks just for the foils and exclusives! I’d start it out around $350 with shipping OBO.

Perfect for anyone who is just getting into the series. Thanks.


How much for just the Darkstalkers comics?


PM’d ya! =)