Selling ps2 MAS stick (8 button layout)

I been wanting to mod my mas stick with sanwa buttons but I dont think I have the skills to pull that off. So I guess I might as well just sell it. Before I list it on ebay, I just want to have an idea if anyone is actually interesting in purchasing one. The shell is in good condition, all the buttons works, the joystick works. How much r u guys willing to pay?

There is actually a Trading Outlet forum on here. That’d be the right place to advertise the stick mate.
Read the stickie first though.

Also, why mod a MAS with sanwas? such a good stock stick, and perfect for a Happ/iL retrofitting.

emjay got it right on the head, but you need 50 posts to view/post in that part of the forum. If you can’t yet, i say you jump into some forums and post up.

If you are going to put this on eBay, do not tell any of us.
No linking, Username, nothing.

You are not able to sell to anyone on SRK directly yet.
Come to Trading Outlet when you have forty-four most Posts.

And you can only start selling start Six Months from your Join Date.
So come sell starting September.

Infraction will come.

If this Thread is advertisement, then you should Delete this.
I don’t know if this Thread is just to ask question or to gather interest.

People are always looking for a Mas Systems anyway.

pretty much I’m just asking how much you think its worth, so i can put up a competitive price on ebay. Also thanks for the response guys. I guess I wont be advertising here lol

I don’t think anybody will care if you link to your ebay auction in the Happ/Il parts thread. People link to auctions of sticks all the time in their respective threads.

You should not mod a MAS for Sanwa parts. Would you mod an HRAP for american parts? No. Additionally, MAS’s are somewhat of a collectors item, and it would be a shame to ruin one. You could sell it for enough to purchase a proper japanese stick if you wanted.

If you really want to upgrade it I suggest purchasing a chimp and making it ps3/xbox 360 compatible. It will probably cost you $50-60 dollars, but you can get an extra $100 out of it.

I actually do want a Mas Systems myself.
But only the 6-Button one.

Mas Systems is only two minutes away from me.
For the pricing, I don’t know, but I can tell you that I can get a Blank Case from them for $60.

So take that for what is is worth.

I bought 2 from them. Local pick up.
$50 - 6 button
$40 - 6 button compact size

There website has been taken down “due to a billing issue”.

Damn, that’s pretty nice. What kind of pic? I need an american stick :x

Mas is the best in the west and everywhere else. There is litteraly no differences from the arcade and they last a lifetime. Its the perfect investment.