Selling:PS3 Games

Need some quick money so I’m selling my
Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 (Ultimate Sith Edition)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 (Collector’s Edition) but missing the mimobot USB stikc.
Both are for PS3. I only played once or twice with each and whatever DLC codes they came with haven’t been used.
Looking for 25$ for the first one and 45$ including shipping.

Also selling Time Crisis 4 with guncon and sensors. It’s missing the original cardboard packaging for the bundle but the game case is there and intact. 50$ plus shipping.
PM me for any question, comment, requests.

Added Time Crisis 4.

Really? How much is the second one selling for? I just checked Ebay real quick.

even gamestop has SW:FU 2 for about $45 used (but remember gamestop doesnt differentiate between regular and collectors when trading in) and time crisis 4 is like $5-10 for the game 10-15 for the gun used.

thanks i was going to buy the second one but since you posted this i will not buy it here.

nah. i wasn’t going to buy it but really if are not going to buy it you shouldn’t be posting. jus’ sayin’
you’re bordering on threadcrapping. you can pm him instead.

Where have you been seeing the gun for $10-15? $50 has been the minimum I’ve seen unless the Move has dropped the price. And $25 for the Sith edition is a good deal if everything is there.

Personally I don’t think that was a cool way to do business then. You should have done it privately, instead of hurting his overall sale publicly thus costing him to lose out, if you decide to go elsewhere. Thats my opinion tho.

OK cool, guess it works out that, since he got the sale. Sorry for disturbing.

Thanks for the assist Jubeininja but I actually appreciate X_sword’s comment. I didn’t know some of these sold cheaper elsewhere since I only checked ebay. Nobody in my town uses craigslist so I’m not used to checking that for prices and EBgames canada website is a giant piece of crap.

Since he’s uninterested now though the items are still up.

I can do $25USD shipped to California for SW:FU 2, since I already have the first one.

Sorry but the shipping alone for that oversized game box to Cali would be more than half of that :confused: