Selling PS3 Mad catz stick


I have a PS3 mad catz stick SSFIV which is the limited SDCC 2009 one and a mad catz messenger bag

It also has lots of autographs on it from various JPN and U.S.A players including Daigo, Tokido, Justin Wong, etc and ONO from Capcom and the dude who made UMVC3, PLUS i have had the stick lamenated with professional plastic so the writing wont rub off

Its 77 out of 250 and I will also supply the mad catz little joystick keyring that has a screw in it as well. It is near mint and hardly been used

I am looking for $300 and I will be in America for Evo and will be in diff states so I can send off via a post office but I will leave for USA on 27th June


dropping down to $250 and I also found box it came with but the bag won’t come with it

I will leave for USA in 18 hours so I need an snswer before I leave