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Female Audio Cable Splitter For Turtle Beach Headset X11 X12-$9
25 Pack DVD-R TDK- $9
F.E.A.R. PC- $6
Xbox 360 Rubber Pads for controller- $1.50 each
Vulpix Plush Doll- $18
Xbox 360 Transforming D-pad- $5
Lexmark X3550- $30+Shipping


Updated thread!


Pics of the Xbox360 Eternal Sonata Faceplate?


I can put pictures up in the morning, but The faceplate has Allegrego on it.


Elgato with usb 2.0 cord only? So what’s missing? 2 HDMI male/male cables?


It’s just missing the component cable adapter, hdmi cable and the ps3 a/v cable. I can throw in an hdmi cable if you like and the PS3 a/v cable.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall the Elgato only doing 2 HDMIs and one USB. What’s this about A/V cables and adaptors? They’re needed?

edit: oh shit. I didn’t know you couldn’t do HDMI in for the PS3. Fucking Sony. So does that mean I’ll have to be doing SD on PS3?


For PS3, you got a special cord that lets you record your gameplay in 1080p. So you still will be able to record/stream your PS3 in HD :).


1080i actually. I just found out a few minutes ago on Youtube. So you got that A/V Cable? Earlier you said you didn’t so now I’m a bit confused as to why you’re now willling to throw it in.


No. The device records in 1080p. You can record your games in 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 360p, and I think even 240p. Yes I have that A/V cable. I am just willing to get rid of this device is all, but if people want some of the accessories that I have then that is fine too :slight_smile:


1080p is only for 360. The most the A/V can handle is 1080i.

PM inbound.


Elgato Capture Card sold to AOS. also, looking for a Blackmagic Intenisty Shuttle USB 3.0 with the cord for $130 shipped.


So you wanted the Intensity this whole time.


New item. Xsplit 3 month premium- $14


Is the component cables for the Xbox 360 the old or slim?


The Xbox 360 component cables are from my OLD 360. Not sure if those same cables work for the Slim models.


it does work but you have to crack open the casing (which i don’t want to do)


but thank you for replying though, good luck on the sales mate :smiley:


Updated thread. Selling Xsplit code


Does the code expire or can it be used any time?