SELLING: Seimitsu joystick LS-32, Sanwa buttons, Arthong dustwasher

Hello all!
I’m selling a few joystick mods because I have quite too many… went a bit too mod-happy and bought too much over the course of time.

I can ship via USPS Priority Mail but I PREFER meet up. I live in the Riverside California area but go to school in Menifee California so if you are near those areas please meet up if you are interested. I really prefer meet up over shipping, but if it must be shipped then you will have to pay for shipping :wink:

also selling my Hori EX-SE and Hori Pro 3-SA plus 360 and PS3 versions of Super Street Fighter 4.

EDIT: Seimitsu LS-32-01 with white ball top is now SOLD. Seimitsu LS-32-01 with PCB wire and NO ball top is still available.

Seimitsu squaregate joystick LS-32-01 ($18)
I have ONE! LS-32-01!

  • (1) LS-32-01 and PCB wire, NO ball top

Sanwa buttons and Arthong dustwashers ($2 each)

I currently have:

  • (2) black buttons
  • (2) black buttons with dark hai plungers
  • (3) white buttons
  • (1) Arthong black arrow dustwasher
  • (1) Arthong clear arrow dustwasher

any questions just ask!!! <3 :slight_smile: