Selling SF4 TE Stick Round 2


Not sure if this is allowed on this forum… Feel free to move the thread if necessary.

Hey guys, I want to sell my Round 2 TE stick, it is the black version. And is for the Xbox 360.

I bought it recently (about two months ago) thinking I’d get back into the Street Fighter scene, and just haven’t been able to successfully get hyped over it. And I’m at a time where I need some money, and don’t even have the time to play (haven’t touched it in over 3 weeks.)

It is in BRAND NEW condition, and works 100% perfectly. I’d be willing to take a fairly low price for it. If you are interested, please message me. I will be willing to verify that this is legitimate as well via pics through phone, etc. (I don’t have the tools to upload pictures to the internet, yeah, I fail.)

I’d take 70-110 for it. As I said, it is in brand new condition, whoever offers highest will get it I suppose, we can negotiate shipping options afterward.

Thanks everyone!


After searching the forums a bit more, found the trading forum. Sorry guys. Reply there please, feel free to delete this thread.


Well, sadly, I can’t even post there.


Your best bet would be eBay.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a credit card to register to sell via eBay.


Try craigslist… I bet someone out there is willing to take it off your hands


You dont need a credit card for ebay, just paypal and a bank account number to link it to.


I tried to list it on eBay, it was forcing me to register a CC for my PayPal. =


Alright, I decided I’d take 70 + shipping for the stick.

Any takers?


I’ll take it, just send you a pm. If possible can I get pictures?


I sent you a PM back with information. You definitely can, as I said, it’ll have to be via phone, though.