Selling Slim White PSP with all other stuff

All right, so I thought it over…and yeah…I honestly don’t need this PSP. So anyways, I’m selling it and all the other shit with it. I bought this for my birthday in November and now I’m seriously regretting it, so yeah, I’m selling this stuff right here.

*Slim white PSP with m33 CFW - $200 shipped - This PSP is pretty much brand new. No scratches, no nothing, always had a protective cover on it.
*4 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo - $40 shipped - I’m guessing this is the price for these…anyways, I’d like to sell this along with the PSP, so if you buy them both, it’s $240 shipped.
*Chotto Shot PSP Camera - $40 shipped - It’s the camera for the PSP. 1.3 megapixels. Pretty awesome and comes with a UMD where it’s like a purikura. The CD is still unopened.
Tekken : DR - $10 shipped - I won’t sell this by itself because it’s expensive as hell to just ship it out of the country…so if you buy the PSP, you can get this for $10 more…seriously.
PSP Slim Car Adapter and PSP Slim USB Cable - $15 shipped - Same as the Tekken : DR.

Aite, so yeah…if you buy the whole lot, it’s $295.
All of this is being shipped from the Philippines, so shipping may take a week or so.

NOTE : I still haven’t fully talked to my parents about this, so yeah…if I somehow cancel this out of nowhere, that’s because they opposed it…lol.

Anyways, just message me or leave me a line. I’ll get back to you or just send me an offer for the lot. Thanks

WOW! overpriced

Is it? I don’t know, I checked Ebay and Play-Asia and I even lowered the prices from what I saw on there, but it’s all good. Just hit me up and let me know how much you want it for.

Yea, quite a bit. If that’s what you’re looking for you should really go through ebay. It’s too rich for my blood too. :sweat:

Just as a suggestion, if you want to price it to sell, I would say $240 shipped for all is about right. The memory sticks went down in price alot, and the rest, is the usual used price.

Personally I would keep that psp, theres alot of good games coming out. And shipping from so far, is not cost efficient for you nor buyer, unless they are somewhat close.

Ah, ok, I guess I was looking at the wrong place for the Memory Sticks because Play-Asia’s 4gb memory sticks are like, $99 :expressionless:
I’m contemplating on keeping it or selling it, but whatever, I’ll just see what happens.

4 gb mem go for 33 used…PSP its self is 200 new with game and one gig use you would get 100 * going by gamestop prices* Tekken is at a great price no need to change that :slight_smile:

I could do $120 for just the system. I don’t need a mem stick or anything else 'cept what comes in the box alreayd ie. charger.