Selling Special Unlocked Iphone 1st Gen Signed By Kojima 450

So I went to Virgin to get MGS 4 on launch and guess what I got my Iphone signed by KOJIMA,YUMI, and OTACON. The iphone includes a custom ivy skin case with a touch through screen. The case is worth around 45 itself. Pretty nice. BUT THERE IS ON PROBLEM I KINDA COVERED THE SIGNATURES WITH SCOTCH TAPE AND NOW I DON’T WANT TO REMOVE THEM JUST IN CASE IT MIGHT DAMAGE THEM. PHONE WORKS GREAT AND IS UNLOCKED. COMES WITH ORIGINAL BOX AND USB CABLE. NO HEADPHONES. IM LOOKING FOR 450 for this. SEND ME YOUR OFFERS. NOTE GAME IS NOT INCLUDED.

no offers. set a price

what’s the price for the iphone???

set a price, you got 24 hours or thread gets closed.

lol… I can’t believe you got that signed instead of the game.

Best of luck to you…

I got the game signed also lol. But thanks for looking

BUMP Price DROP 400

Any pics of the skin?

its not a skin just the case the same one under the main pic.

Bump 320 Shipped

god damnit hakdizzle where the fuck where you 2 weeks ago when i was looking out for an unlocked iphone. :frowning: i eventually settled for a nokia n95. damn this phone is bad ass too with the signatures. great convo piece.

…any trade items you looking for + cash? also if possible please post a pic of the front of the iphone i want to see the condition of the screen. thanks.