Selling street fighter 4 + fighting stick 3 joystick for ps3


going through some tough times and i need to pay off some debt.
im selling sf4 and fighting stick 3 made by hori both for ps3.

joystick is only ps3 usb compatible and will not work for ps2 , however
there are specific drivers that work for xp sp2 function on pc.

you can check out my thread page 2 on
dated back in late 2007 for pc functionality.

asking price is 50.00 for both. i am now in orange county, california i prefer local pickup. those who are just interested in the stick i am willing to part for 30.00 straight up.


  1. the cover plate on the fighting stick 3 has been removed. it was bare steel and was going to be modified for another lacquer portrait layer but never got around it.

  2. button colors have been switched and there are some noticable wear on the plate itself as you can see in the pictures but does not affect gameplay of the stick what so ever.

please contact

these are current as of march 1st 2010. thanks.


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oh my bad… i didnt know there was a trading outlet… can you or any admin move it? i apologize on that…


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