Selling TE Fightstick


I got 2 on the buy one get one free. Round 1 or Round 2 I’m only selling one of them so whichever is preferred.
Pick ups OK, I’m in North County San Diego

Everything included
Only used once to test functionality

I’m asking 70 + Shipping (price negotiable)

pictures are of the round 2 (the round 1 is all black, with no white bevel)


Wait I’m confused, are you selling a round 1 or round 2? The stick you pictured is a round 1 but the box says round 2.


I want one but I don’t care which one. So just one but either of them.


bump for edit


going to have to see if they’re still available when I get back from vacation.


Please wait 6 months before selling.

For any further inquiries, check the rules thread.