Selling the rest of my PS2 Stuff

Well, I sold my PS2 already and realized… hey, I still have games in here, WTF:rofl:

All prices are shipped.
Hope I’m not forgetting anything.

8 dollars

Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 4
NFL Blitz 2000
Space Channel 5 Part 1
Space Channel 5 Part 2
PS2 Multitap

Crash Team Racing
Bloody Roar 2 -$15
Soul Caliber 2 -$15
Bust A Move 2(Puzzle Bobble 2) Arcade Edition -$25
Parappa the Rapper -$20
Um Jammer Lammy -$20
King of Fighters 2000 -$20

Is that PS2 multi tap for the phat or the slim PS2?


I haven’t tried it on a fatty, my guess is it won’t work. Damn you sony.