Selling/Trading Mas Stick; Wanted: ps-> DC converters

I’m selling my mas stick. Its for ps. My converter stopped working, so I can’t really use it anymore, plus I am trying to switch to japanese sticks. Also, the stick itself has minor issues (I don’t know how to fix sticks), and I’m too lazy to go to mas and have it fixed. I bought it from k4 for 100, its been used maybe 8-10 hours max. I’m willing to let it go for less than I paid. Its a p360, not sure if its the old 360s, but it feels more like the new ones. The minor issues might due to wires/connectors not touching properly. Otherwise, it works pretty freaking good. The other issue: this stick has 10, yes 10, buttons. Nothing that those button covers wouldn’t fix.

Also, I would like to buy ps -> dc converters (possibly trade). If you have like 2-3 of these, I’ll gladly take them off your hands, and if you wanna trade for the mas we can work things out.

Starting offer for the mas = 60+ shipping.

I will post up pics later on today. Thanks for looking

random question: where do they sell new tekken5 sticks?

i have a good as new t5 stick you can have for 30 if james doesnt buy it

let’s see if we can do business locally. potter clear your PM box.

okay, save it for me if james doesn’t buy it <33333333333

edit: pm box is cleared

shit, im down for that T5 stick, if you still have it for sale…

I’m interested in the MAS and I have 2 converters. Pics please. Oh yeah, I want that T5 stick too.

updated with pics

also, i forgot to mention this stick has a connection for neogeo? not sure but i put pic.

wow what can you do with all them buttons

I’d jump on potter’s stick if you get what I mean.

summon jesus

that second pic is too small… you should make it bigger

you should lick my anus

how much for the stick if i traded a converter with it?

You can get new tekken 5 sticks at Fry’s electronics I believe.

I will let it go for 55 + shipping, if you throw the converter in. If shipping is ridiculous then i’ll try to help out as much as possible. .

Also, I’m all for local meet-ups to save potential shipping money, or I can bring it to tournaments that you might be at (so-cal, or that ohio one), if need be.

Looking to get rid of this stick asap!!!

Mizuki: :-*

geh… it’s aight man… i can’t afford it right now… i thought my pay check would have been higher, since it was a double pay check, but i forgot that the “double” part also included evo week, so i only got 1.5x pay, not 2 paychecks.

If no one take this by the end of the week or if someone buy my stuff instead of trading I may be able take it off your hands. Then I gotta find someone willing to cut me some plexi to cover up 4 of those 10