Selling Used 1st Edition TE Stick and SE stick with Sanwa Parts and Hello Kitty Design

Selling 1st Edition TE stick for xbox 360 : $85
Selling SE Stick for xbox360: $50

Or selling both for $120

SE stick has all sanwa parts.
Still have boxes for both sticks.

Prices are negotiable.

I’m located in the Buena Park, CA area.


are prices shipped?

The prices are not including shipping, but I can look into those rates if you’d like.

jdm714 from Tech Talk would probably be interested in that Hello Kitty stick. I suggest sending him a PM.

PM’d about TE.

Would u take 100 for both picked up? Pm me. Tapatalk don’t let me pm.

i want the SE will pay right now!

I will meet you right now!

Best option here for the SE. Trust me on this. Mod’s honor.

both sticks are sold to jdm714