Selling Various Snk Games

Hi I have the following titles for sale, all are used but in great working condition and most of them are the Original Japanese versions, wich means you need a ps2 that is able to play them.

1).Garou The Mark Of The Wolves.

2).The King of Fighters 94’ Rebout (limited edition with booklet with kof interviews and history on the franchise also neo geo pad for ps2).

3).The King Of Fighters Neowave

4). Metal Slug 3

5). The King Of Fighters 2001 (korean version)

6). the king of fighters 2000/2001 (US version)

7). Shin Megami tensei nocturne (us Version) with usedgame guide by double jump books with a couple of pages missing.

If anybody has any questions on prices please aim me…

Is it alright if I pm you instead? don’t have aim

Urgh, people don’t read the rules. Post prices.

You’re right i didn’t read the rules…

please do


are you still selling?