Selling your unused arcade parts

Where would one sell arcade parts that the person has no use for? Like, if I bought 6 white and 2 black Sanwa pushbuttons (OBSF), a Sanwa joystick (JLF-8YT) and a clear Seimitsu bubbletop, where would I be able to sell them?

I’m not sure if it would do too well on Ebay/Craigslist/Kijiji… Any other suggestions or am I stuck with the parts?

There is the trading area in the forums. Should be able to get them off faster there.

Are you taking the piss? Theres a Trade Outlet on this website. Swear 09’rs are just trying to look bad.

You can’t sell shit if you signed up in '09, asshole.

I swear, 09’rs are just trying to look bad.

Yeah, I thought you couldn’t use it if you were an '09…

09’ers (actually members with less than 6 months membership) aren’t allowed to sell stuff here. You need a minimum 100 posts as well.

Edit: got beaten by Astro City.

6 months and at least 100 posts.

I didn’t notice they had updated the rules. Didn’t it used to be 100 posts. Surely if you got a premium membership you should be allowed to sell.

Have you tried Build Your Own Arcade Controls? I think they have a post limit until you can trade.

So, uh, I gotta wait 4 more months to be able to sell my stuff?

Well, it seems you sort of “thwarted” the trade forum by posting what you have for sale in here. I would imagine you will get a PM about these parts, but I don’t think this type of post is accepted in this forum.

The six months / 100 posts applies only to people who joined in 09, people who joined before that have no restriction… But yes Flux, you’d have to wait around 4 more months to be able to use the trading post here to sell things.

I want!



Actually, these parts are not for sale… yet. I just wanted to know if I had to eventually sell them, where I would be able to.

i like how you tried to skirt the rules by posting here