Selpex Releases - Last Flame - Devastating UMK3 Video

UMK3: The Last Flame, a devastating combination of UMK3, and MKT on PSX and N64. Many insane combos performed by Selpex, ded_, Shock, and Hanzo, and some editing by Battousai, essentially a video by members from DarkAddictz. Morph combos, unblockable otg relaunches, new infinites, and other ridiculous stuff.

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Enjoy, I did, half the combos were a surprise to me by the time I saw the video.

woah. NICE. Lotta Shang tricks in there. Who knew you could do 8 axes in a row with Nightwolf?

Holy shit. Cool video. That song was pretty gay, though.

Awesome Vid. A lot of really great stuff.

I wasn’t a big fan of the music either, but it certainly wasn’t gay. The content overshadowed it.

wow. Kano elbow combo ftw!! :lol:

Every time I watch a vid from you guys…I wet my pants.

Stop ruining my pants. :sad:

Seriously though, this vid was fucking NICE. Instant jumping punch combos, Shang Tsung madness, 100% combos everwhere, EIGHT GOD DAMN AXES…how do you guys keep coming up with this stuff???

Also, what exactly happens at 6:22? I don’t understand how that TK Slam works…:looney:

If you can believe it, thats a jump kick being glitch cancelled into a TK slam. The jump kick hits so low that Ermac is considered on the ground and on the exact frame that the jump kick hits, the last button to trigger the TK slam is hit. The TK slam triggers on the same frame as the collision occurs that should disable it and boom you get an extra hit before the TK slam, and a jump kick no less.

The combo right before it has a glitch cancelled ground freeze with Sub Zero, same deal. There is a ton of glitch canceling in this video. Its crazy. I think a lot of people will enjoy this video but I think very few will even realize how incredibly difficult some of this stuff is.

And the only other thing I can say is; Poor Sheeva. Poor poor poor Sheeva.

Yeah the main thing here is a lot of people don’t realize that moves are being canceled out of their normal limitations. The best way to explain it to a Vs game player would be like a flying state situation, where you finish an air combo with a HP and it knocks them to the ground, but you manage to cancel the HP the instant it connects with a special move, and I don’t even remember if that’s possible.


very cool vid

Glad to see that somebody liked that combo. It was very old here and i posted it lots of times, i think it was when UMK Service pack 2 was released.

Thx Selpex for including it!!:lovin:

My god, that was crazy.

If Midway could get you guys to test their games, their new shit could actually turn out fun.

How does that smoke infinite around 4:50 work?

I think I must be the only one who liked the music, even though it really didn’t fit the video. ^_^;; I think my favorite combo was the Stryker infinite against Shao, but daaaaaamn. That Shang stuff was pure madness. Great job!

Word…wait…all the beta-testing for Midway’s 10-year-old games is long over. Whoops.

nerd he was talking about the new games. Go jerk off nerd

Been there, done that…what’s this “nerd” shit? I’m sure you fit that stereotype far more than I do. But enough about that. Let’s see what these guys can do on the crappy 3d mk games, since that’s all you’re gonna see from Midway from now on. And is it even possible to do a combo vid ala Devil May Cry 3 for God Of War? That would be interesting…

What Rhio is saying, is that it would be pointless for us to Beta test the new games since they are different than the old ones.

And the Robot Smoke inf is for MK3, where the properties for the mechanics and limits of the spear were different.

umk3/mkt combos are endless.
Great stuff!