Semi finished custom stick and MK9 for 360 F/S


I started this stick as my first custom stick build, and it was somewhat of a success. The stick works on my 360, but if you start shaking it around from doing inputs, it will sometimes turn off then back on real quick, this is probably due to me being terrible at soldering and something touching that shouldn’t. If the stick is bought whole, a complete rewiring will probably need to be redone.

The inside is a mess because this was my first attempt at this.(as you will see from the pic)

Included includes:
brand new Sanwa JLF with red balltop
6 brand new Sanwa 30mm screw in buttons
3 Brand new Sanwa 24mm buttons
Madcatz 360 pcb
multiconsole cthulu board
imp board
RJ45 port
I dont remember who on the forums I bought the case from, but when I got it I had to make a hole for the RJ45 adapter because there wasn’t one. The case was painted black but as you can see from the pictures, the bottom beat up and could probably use a repainting. The lexan top still has the protective plastic film on it(corners are peeling but the thing has never been fully ripped off). Also may need some new screws for the bottom, I will see if I can find them.

Looking to get $100 obo to try to recoup some of what I have in it, there is at least $130-140 in this thing.

May consider parting out for the right price. Not parting out the boards, since they are wired together.



Pm’d about parted parts.


bump, still have the stick


that deal it way too good to pass up. If i had the money i would snatched that up in the heartbeat. Good luck with sale.



EDIT: forgot to ask you how long you have had this stick around for?