Semitsu Pushbuttons

I brought some semistu push buttons the PS-14KN ones
Installed them then a few days later I packed my stick up to session at my friends & as I took the stick out my bag… I notice a button was hanging out…The screw was loose… I thought I tighten them enough

How in the hell can you keep from the push button screws from loosening ? So I can stop opening it up to tighten every other day.

could use some a hot glue gun to glue the nuts in place? I believe the glue can be removed with some effort after if you want.

use glue.

depends on what you’re screwing on to it worked fine on my 1st stick with a plywood panel but on my 2nd stick with a plastic panel they came loose real easy. I just put a little blu tack under part of each nut and screwed it so the tack was wedged in between the panel and the nut.

Edit: Don’t risk damaging your buttons with glue. A bit of sticky tack will do the job just fine

I have them in my HRAP3

K I have my stick open is there any other options then glue

& where can I get sticky tack

make sure your tightening them enough. Once you have the nut pretty tight on the button. Hold the nut and turn the microswitch on the button counter clockwise and it should tighten it even more. If its coming loose everytime, your not doing it right. I have yet to have a screw type button come loose on me. Glue is NOT needed.

you can get this sticky tack/putty at any office supply store. I got some of that from officemax a while back. if you have trouble finding it ask one of the clerks there to show you where the adhesive putty/sticky tack is located at.

I had the same problem with Seimitsu screw-ins in my HRAP EX. Just get some threading tape, then screw the nut in and wrap the tape right below the nut. This will prevent the nut from coming loose and won’t much anything up with glue, and the tape comes off fine when you need it to.

Looks like this:

I like this
safe and affordable:shy:

you will feel the difference in how tight it is after you do this. This is all you need to do. i have 4 sticks with seimitsu screw ins and never have had an issue.

Yes definitely
Thanks dude you were right I just did a really bad job… I got in like 2 more turns after it was already tight & gave me a chance to untangle QDs

nice, just make sure you dont over tighten them. Before you close the stick up make sure all the button can be pressed easily. If they feel stuck, then undo the nut, and retighten it, but not as hard.
Glad i could help