Sen Ei Enbu Videos Thread

Please post some videos of your sen ei enbu combos here. Original ones, 48 hit ones, usual ones. I would like to see them.

  1. enter youtube
  2. search yang roshihikari
  3. watch roshihikari matches

I have watched a lot of roshihikari matches. But I still would l like to see some original sei ei enbu combos, without the pressure of tournament matches.

There’s not too much variation with seiei enbu combos, so you’ve most likely seen the vast majority of them.

Oh… how about combos involving dive kicks in them? Jumps, etc.

They’re basically the same thing. Real ‘combos’ that involve divekicks end up leading to slashes, and anything else that involves divekicks is pretty much a reset [Like the divekick reset, divekick crossup, low strong, low roundhouse, repeat]. Jumps are the same thing, jump in, something leads to slashes.

ah… thanks.
How about… is it possible to juggle in the corner once or twice with the palm strike?