Senator Jacqui Lambie Hungry For The D


At least she’s honest…,


Honest and direct. I respect that.


Bet her constituents are proud.


Eww wouldnt touch with a barge pole…

she looks like:




She looks like thatgamerguys username.


I can’t figure if I want to slap her with my dick or my wallet

and she apparently wants both

ps - you’re all gay I’d most definitely poke her in the kangaroo pouch.


lol that uggo wouldnt get either from me… standards man standards. Maybe hit it if your legless soviet… but i guess…as they say you dont look at the mantle piece when poking the fire.



that girl would get it too

dem braces


The thirst on Capitol Hill is real…:beer:


She has that “well-worn” look at only 22 years of age.


She’s from Australia dude.


She’s 22? She looks like she’s batting on 46.


She looka like a man… WTF!


Apparently you can’t read, she’s 46. The dude she hooked up with on the radio was 22.


Heaven forbid a politician shows signs of being a normal human being.

I swear we are fucked in this country. We hold up politicians like the offspring of Jesus.


“Anthony Wiener”

You are only encouraging him to do it again!


:lol: Just flash a wad of bills and a big dick and you’re set!


We’ve been fucked in this country. It’s not just politicians. The human race suffers from this delusion that women are these angelic beings because they’re prettier than men and don’t seem like a threat. Resulting rather destructive and hilarious outcomes. Like I said, I respect this woman for her damn honesty. Straightforward and no bullshitting.


Spend time in other countries, or just follow their culture in the news. Speaking about politicians specifically, they treat this shit without a fuck in Europe.


What is this heteronormative bullshit?
If a MALE senator said he just wanted a young guy with a big cock and phat stacks of cash, he’d be labeled a deviant.