Sending my stick out for custom work; possible?


I have two PS3 Mad Catz TE sticks. I would like to get one dual modded for Xbox 360 as well and also get some leds running through it into some clear buttons.

I can take care of purchasing the necessary materials and paying for shipping both ways.

My dilemma is discovering a shop or person that offers this service.

I’ve been on the forums a while. I done a lot of templates for the TE and SE. I well versed in understanding what it would take to do it and that there are lots of people who have done it. I just don’t recall ever seeing anyone advertising that they charge for providing this service.

Any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


you can’t go wrong with either of these guys:


i can help you if you want. i’m moving to philly in 2 weeks.

i modded my ps3 te to use on my 360 and it works flawlessly.


I have used modchipman for my part orders and was satisfied with the turnaround time and price. I’ve not gotten anything dual modded from them, but they do offer it as a service.


I offer this service:

Under wiring.