Seneca @ York/York U Fighters


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Since the old thread can’t be changed due to the inactivity of the poster. This will be the new main York/Seneca@ York thread. It will be more active than the last one.

This is not only Hidey and YRSF’s mission statement, but mine as well. So lets build a community at York University/Seneca@York and be the best we can be.

On** Tuesday December 20th, 2011 (thats tomorrow)** and following every other Tuesday after the Winter Break (January 10th, 2012), a group of dedicated Fighthing Game Enthusiasts will be hosting casuals at The Hive. I encourage Non-York students to come as well since everyone is welcomed.

Start Time: 3:20 (On January 10th, 2012 and following every other Tuesday)
Location: The Hive
Directions to the Hive lounge for York Students: Enter the Stephen E. Quinlan building, it is located on the 2nd floor and is a bar.

Create fierce rivalries, make new friends, level up your skills and best of all be encourage to participate in this great scene.

If anyone that attends York/Seneca @ York and will/would like to participate in these casuals please post up.

If you plan on bringing equipment, please bring an HDMI cable with your console as the screens in the Hive are HDTVs. Also I encourage people to bring their equipment. :smiley:

List of Current York/Seneca @ York players:
Dry Soap

Joinr Our Facebook Group:

There will be big plans for this in the future/big events.


There will be casuals tomorrow at Seneca@York.


Love it! Good luck with this boys. Let me know how I can help and support via Omega and YRSF.


what time is this? should I bring anything besides controllers?


Tommorrow Casuals will be at 1:30pm


so where do i go?

York University/Seneca @ York SF Players

is this open to anyone or only york/seneca students.


It is not open to just york/seneca students but for people around the area as well. Please make it out if you just want to come out and learn and level up.

Anyone planning to come, please post up


Won’t be there today, but I’ll try to make it every tuesday since I TA those days


The hive is open right now, if you’re reading this, come drop by!


how late will this run.


just wondering, how many setups are there?
i’ll probably be joining this once winter semester starts


Once I get back from Asia for the new term I’ll be there.


For now, we only have 1 setup, if you want to bring your own, then do so. We may be switching rooms since the Hive may close later or earlier depending on the student staff looking over it. Today was fun and it was nice to see some new faces :smiley: Hopefully more come out next time when we officially start running these casuals/level-up sessions.


I am in desperate need of leveling up and this is just what i need. I have class next semester on tuesdays at 2:30 for 3 hours so how late do these run too? If needed I can bring either a ps3 or 360 with Marvel and AE 2012 for either platform.


I’ll be in action during the winter semester comes in. I have a extra 360 for the group (due to modding reasons lol) but I gotta figure out if I can download updates from it or transfer it somehow.


Current plans are to have them after all classes are done will get back to you once the start has been chosen.


I’m coming on the 10th, if anyone’s bringing a ps3 I have two sticks for that console I can bring.


It’s a shame I work tues nights I would love to come to this.


mite b c00l