Senei Enbu Reset?! Kick Chain

I saw in the video below, Yang started a SA3 combo on Urien.
It was the normal low MK into Slashes but after the second slash, instead of another kick, he did the kick chain.


If you look at the damage, I think the kick chain resets the combo. If it didn’t reset, an SA3 combo would do much less damage. In here, after the kick chain, the damage went back up. And he ends up taking almost half the health bar of Urien.

Can anybody confirm if the kick chain can reset Senei Combo? If so, then Yang’s SA3 is much more lethal. Can he do that kick chain combo in SA3 in midscreen too, when he is not in the corner?


There is no damage reset, and that Sei’ei combo did only about a fifth to a quarter of Urien’s health, no where near half. There is a very quick, small burst of damage, but that’s from the damage of the kick chain itself, not because of a damage increase.

The FIRST quarter of damage was done from the EX Senkyutai / throw mixup.